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The first branding agency in Greece and among the most appreciated ones in SE Europe, MILK Branding Profession offer a full range of branding services to an impressive and diverse clientele, including global clients and fine boutique brands of practically every sector and size. Established in 2000, we have conducted hundreds of successful branding projects, growing brands in more than twenty international markets.

We provide a full range of branding services, including study and design of Branding Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Portfolios & Architecture, Naming and Nomenclature Systems,Packaging, Retail & Environments, Internal Branding and Digital Branding.
We grow brands for a diverse range of industries and markets. For large international corporations as well as small, local enterprises.
For the commercial world as well as not-for-profit businesses. For the individual as well as the government. For everyone who understands a brand’s amazing power and value.
We have massive branding experience in cosmetics, food & beverages, telecoms, banking, big retail chains, food supplements, tobacco and household products, usually working for one of the top-3 players of the Greek market and famous global brands. We also have significant branding experience in shipping, fashion, sports & leisure, hospitality & tourism, technology and NGOs/NPOs. Additionally, we have created numerous successful small boutique brands targeting niche markets.
Working together with our Clients, we grow brands blending logic with magic, substance with freshness, strategy with creativity. We grow brands through proprietary methodologies, exhaustive analysis, coherent strategy and outstanding creativity, to deliver deeper insights, better designs and stronger relationships. We grow brands as experiences, delivering continual, impactful moments of interaction between people and branded entities across multiple touchpoints.
Helping our clients’ brands and businesses grow has a great side‐effect: it helps our own brand and business grow too. Let’s call it 'The Virtuous Circle of Branding'. This belief has always been the compass that led MILK to its leading position in the market. We want our team to include some of the most creative Strategists and the most strategic Creatives. With considerable experience in various areas – brand marketing, brand consulting, design, advertising, market research – they develop strong, well-designed, effective brands, which manage to earn people’s preference.
Awards give us joy; but only when they spring from the success of the brands that we develop. High aesthetics are highly valued; but only to achieve the brand’s objectives. We develop brands that stand out of the pack because we strive to satisfy the needs and desires of the people out there, not ours.
Quite a few brands that we developed have been included in lists with the top brands of their category, excelled in big international trade fairs and exhibitions as well as in domestic and international contests of creativity, design and packaging. Our projects have repeatedly appeared in international catalogues and publications showcasing branding and design best practices.
1 Elikonos Str., Psychiko 15452, Greece