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Garamond Design


1993: Garamond design is founded, as a joint venture of two companies owned by Vangelis Pispas and Chrysa Krokida.
Its name comes from Claude Garamond, a leading typeface designer of the 16th century who designed the first complete Greek typeface known as “Les grecs du roi”.
1997: Significant investments in human resources and technical infrastructure are made. The company grows its business potential and sets out to be one of the top branding and design agencies in Greece.
2010: Garamond becomes a founding member of the “Council of Branding and Design” of the Hellenic Association of Communication Agencies, aiming to proactively assist in promoting and advancing the sector`s role within the marketing industry

Brand Strategy
Brand Analysis (the brand, the competitors, the environment)
Brand Core Elements (vision, mission, values, promise)
Brand Architecture (where and how does the brand fit within the brand/product portfolio)

Verbal Identity
Brand/Product Naming (key - secondary brand names), nomenclature systems
Brand Messaging and Tone of Voice

Visual Identity
Logo design
Key visuals to create the brand’s whole “look and feel”
Packaging Design
Stationary, print or digital communications
Branded Environment (Stores and other Point-of-Sale, Interiors, Exhibitions and Trade Shows, Signage Systems and other applications)
Website design and multimedia applications
Brand guidelines development

Creative Communication
Concept, strategy, implementation of print or digital campaigns
Advance Pharmacies / Amvyx (Serkova, Sabuca di Patrone, Campari) / Axxon Bulgaria (Jivaeri, Event, Verite) / W.S. KAROULIAS (wine portfolio) / Coca Cola 3E (Amita motion, Frulite, Frulite on the go, Avra water, Amita Frooties, Amita Classic, Waterblue, Lyttos water) / Credin Hellas (Morfat, Perla Salt, Bakery and Confectionary products) / DELTA FOODS (DELTA fresh milk, Small Family Farms dairy products, mmmmilk, Cow Yogurt, Advance, Steps, Daily, Smart, Goat Milk, Vitaline, Natural) / Elmi Systems (CASIO, Proline) / Hellenic Gyros / Union of Winemaking Cooperatives of Samos (UWCS) / Eureka (Homecare Products) / European Reliance Asset Management / Ferrero / Goody’s - Everest (Goody’s Burger House, Flocafe Espresso Room / La Pasteria) / Henkel Hellas (Dixan, Neomat) / ION / Sales Promotions Center / Lanitis Bros (Lanitis juices, Dairy Cream Lanitis) / Lidl Hellas / Mills of Crete / Sarantis (Trylet, Prosar, Afroso) / Plias (Papoutsanis)/ Jacobs Douwe Egberts (Douwe Egberts / La Meloise) / Tetteris Distillery / United Milk Company Bulgaria (Vereia, Fibella) / Western Union / Ydrogios Insurance
Our methodology consists of:
1. Interviews with / Brief analysis.
2. Brand evaluation.
3. Competition evaluation.
4. Brand values and rational & emotional advantages statement.
5. Brand architecture (defining the relationship between the brand and other brands who belong to the same portfolio).
6. Technical details clarification.
7. Design study, visualising.
8. Look & feel presentation.
9. Final Artworks.
For over 20 years Garamond design has proved a valuable partner for businesses across the most demanding market sectors.
We consider our key strengths to be:
our creativity - not as matter of chance but as a result of meticulous work and thorough attention to your project’s specifics
our integrated, full-service business structure offering our clients flexibility, reliability and speed
our approach to making business with you - our project manager will personally supervise every step of your project ensuring accurate and timely execution of your deliverables
our know-how of the printing and production technology guaranteeing the highest quality result.
Our distinctions give us pride and inspiration to become more creative and effective in our work
Our work has repeatedly received awards and credits both in Greece and internationally
1993: Award, Logo of the “Greek Presidency of the European Union”
2002: EBGE (Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards) Credit, Amita Classic packaging
2003 & 2004: Ermis PR Awards, “Child Nutrition” campaign FAGE and “Working safely” campaign AGET HERACLES (developed in co-operation with EPIKINONIA)
2006: Star, Avra Water - Olbinsky Collector’s Bottle
2007: Bronze, International Bottled Water Awards, Avra Water Summer Collector’s Bottle (Best Glass Bottle category)
2011: Bronze, Ermis Awards, Design (in food & beverages category) Small Family Farms, DELTA dairy products
2016, Silver Retail Interior Award (in store innovation category – food) for Lidl Super Markets
and Bronze Retail Interior Award (in best interior – food retail / super market) for Lidl Super Markets
Kasomouli 85, GR - 117 44 Athens Greece