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We balance high-level strategy and design for a wide variety of visual communication vehicles. We specialize in branding, that is, in creating and developing brands for products, services or organisations. We do it successfully because we start with a good understanding of the industry, the business at hand, the client’s marketing objectives and their available resources. Only then do we proceed to combine a thought-through naming and original design process with an appropriate and appealing narrative. Many Colibri projects involve rebranding, which means a change of the current identity in order to address new audiences or enter new markets. Success here depends on experience as much as on expertise. In the food industry for example, we attend every major international exhibition to monitor trends and get feedback from the various branches of the industry. We pass these on to our export oriented clients along with our evaluation and expert advice. The same is true in the fields of Technology and Tourism, both having a strong presence in our portfolio over the last 25 years.

Our services cover a wide range of communication vehicles which are combined to best utilise the marketing budget:
Branding – rebranding

Product, brand and packaging design
Sales promotion, messages and tools
Web communication and services

Visual material for exhibitions, conferences, events and museums
Since 1991, Colibri has contributed to the branding and communication of organisations such as Forthnet, the British Council in Greece, Cedefop, the Black Sea Trading and Development Bank (BSTDB), the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece. It also has a wealth of experience in branding and strategic marketing for tourism destinations (Marketing Greece, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Ioannina, Naoussa, Central Macedonia etc.)
Colibri’s creative team has special experience in designing and developing brands in the food & beverage industry (Palirria, Freskoulis, Lucia's Farm, Ioniki, Baklava Gold, Zeo Bakers, Oriental Express, Aegean Gourmet, Salt Odyssey, Kostarellos, Pet Interest, among others), for high tech companies and projects such as Beta Simulation Solutions, Exothermia, Emisia, Vio Chemicals, ICT Emissions, LAT, Dreams4Cars, as well as in Culture and Society (National Theatre of Northern Greece, Xotaris art forum, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Annual Review of Social Partnerships).
Communication goals differ among clients, but the process remains the same and is a process of quality assurance:
We evaluate the client's brief with a view to clarifying, completing or revising it. Where necessary, we build a more complete picture by interviewing executives, associates and customers.
We investigate, analyse and recommend strategy, brand names, taglines, label names and visual guidelines. We agree on the framework of the brand and how to communicate it before we begin to develop it.
We present the evolution of the visual design, messages and narratives in stages, to ensure that the strategy and style choices are evolving maturely, as well as the quality of the visual material -from photography, to printing techniques, to the development of a web presence.
Our multitasking work group, the unique identity of each of our projects, and our commitment to the goals of our clients.
All three rely on our credo that design serves a strategy and not vice versa. Design should pay for itself in months or sooner and yield a handsome profit for years!
International Awards: 2 European Design Awards
Ermis Awards: 3
Papadiamanti 6, 55133, Kalamaria Thessaloniki